No more talking. No more daydreaming about open roads and nothing to do but ride on them. After many months of thinking and occasionally speaking about what we want to do, we are now almost at the point of actually starting. Sitting in the departure lounge, we are in a beautiful bubble of suspense, right on the verge of doing rather than planning.

We’ve already had our first little speedbump when we were forced to spend a weeks budget on extra baggage, we just couldn’t shave off those last few kilos. We’ll suck it up, buy a few less treats over the coming months, and maybe figure out what we don’t need before taking any more flights.

These boxes are seriously heavy.

For the next 24 hours we can’t really do much of anything, other than watch movies and try to get a few hours sleep to avoid the jetlag being too brutal. Once on the ground in Helsinki, we’ll give ourselves a day or two to acclimatize and get our bikes and gear into some sort of shape. It’s going to be cold, and we’re not sure how we’ll handle it, but we know it will be okay!

Those first pedal strokes of the journey are not far away now. If the feeling of moving through the world on our bikes is anywhere near as good as the anticipation, we are in for one very special treat.

Bring it on.

T & T

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