Almost Away

We’re almost on the road. We’ve packed up house, and in a few days time I’ll be finished working and Tanya will be a week from doing the same. More than a year since we returned from Tasmania feeling like it’d be good to do a big journey together, we are still super keen and about to get underway. In that time we haven’t travelled more than about 500km from Newcastle, although one of those journeys took me two weeks as I cycled home to Gulargambone (almost).

The last two years in Newcastle has been a great experience for both of us. For me I’m leaving one week shy of 2 years since I arrived in the depths of a pretty significant depression and spent the first few months getting better with the help of new friends and some medical professionals. Thanks to some cool people, a great workplace, a lovely city and Tanya, I’ve very much enjoyed living here. Tanya grew up here, but this period has seen her graduate, become a teacher, and discover cycle touring (you’re welcome).

No big declarations here. We have boat tickets to Tassie for March, return flights to Scandinavia for the northern summer, a couple of important weddings to bookend that trip, and then flights to Ushuaia (the bottom of the world) at the end of October. We’re keen to live every day and see where we end up.

A big thanks to everyone in and out of Newcastle who has helped make it a fantastic two years. We’ve had plenty of very nice weekend getaways and a couple of short holidays, but from now on the concept of ‘weekend’ and ‘holiday’ will be a long way off our radar. It’s still 10 weeks until our bikes will become our mobile homes, but in the meantime we’ll be travelling in my car and enjoying as much hiking, camping, and general living of life in the slow lane as we can manage.

It’ll be nice to be able to write and think about what we are doing, rather than what we hope to be doing. We’ll post again when we reach that point, in Tasmania in 3 weeks time.

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