300 reasons to be excited.

It’s a little over ten months until we plan to leave on the adventure of a lifetime. It would be fair to say that in the couple of months since we locked this idea in, we’ve been in a bit of rut. Not a horrible one, we’ve still had some nice weekends away and done some good stuff in Newcastle, but it hasn’t been the happiest or healthiest period of our lives. Especially in the last week or two both of us have succumbed to some stress and struggled to maintain our mental health.

As of the end of this week, we’ll have moved in together with a friend, and some of that stress of finding a house and organizing everything around that will be behind us. The focus can be solely on getting back on track and making sure that we don’t spend the next 300 days just treading water until we head off.

How do we do that? For starters, we keep working. We need at least $20,000 each to comfortably go cycling for 2 years. We’re both over halfway, but we want to save as much as we can.

We also need to establish a better morning routine. We no longer have the excuse of going between two houses and the inconvenience that comes with that. As often as possible we need to wake early, ride to the beach, go for a run, have a swim, ride home and do some yoga and body weight exercises. We did that a lot in the months before we started dating, but it’s been much less frequent since then and we’re both worse off for it. Chuck in ten minutes of meditation, 10 minutes of Spanish practice and a healthy breakfast and we’ll have ourselves a pretty solid start to the day.

The rest of the day tends to take care of itself when a good foundation is set. Work, catching up with friends at home and around town, and either a relaxing or productive evening comes much easier when we start the day by looking after our bodies and minds.

The other thing we really value is adventurous weekends. To that end we are basically just looking to continue what we’ve been doing. We have a list of about 20 things we’d like to do before we go, most of which involve travelling to a nice location within a few hours radius of Newcastle, and spending a night or two camping and hiking or cycling. That’s enough to see us getting out of town at least every second weekend, and will also be a good opportunity to hone our ability to capture our adventures.

We’re both looking forward to leaving for New Zealand next year and spending two years cycle touring in beautiful parts of the world, but it’s hard to sustain that excitement for 300 days. Instead we’re looking to lower our focus on each one of those 300 days and see if we can’t have ourselves a pretty good adventure by staying right where we are.

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