237 words describing Tom’s 24 hour bike ride.

Yesterday I cycled 237km. I hoped for more. An alarm clock bungle meant I started at 12:15am. Despite that I covered 107km in 6 hours under a clear, moonless sky.

As the sun rose and the traffic increased I began to feel signs of exhaustion, losing my steady rhythm at times and stopping more frequently. I still reached the 160km mark by 9:30. Now I had to decide if I kept going or headed home.

Feeling very fatigued, I decided to turn around and give myself 14 hours to return. I passed 200km at 1pm, having had an accidental nap whilst stretching on a rest break. At 2pm I passed my PB of 213km, but now my knees were troubling me and the rest of my body didn’t feel much better.

I rested at 220km, again having an inadvertent nap under a shelter as the rain fell. I tried to stay positive, but at this point I texted Tanya saying I was struggling and I might need help.

I cycled another 10km, unable to put much pressure on the pedals, and trying to decide if I’d regret stopping. I was having no fun, but I knew this was my best shot at cycling 300+km in a day. I battled over two hills and then a decent gusting headwind popped up and my spirit was broken. I called Tanya and asked her to collect me. I doubt I’ll try that again.


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